Mushroom compost

The substrate ready for mushroom cultivation is called mushroom compost

Button mushroom compost is a mixture of several materials, such as wheat stubble, chicken manure, etc., which is added at the end of the pasteurization period after analysis, and is sold in the market in the form of rectangular cubes.

Each button mushroom compost is 60x40 cm in size and 15x10 cm in height.

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 Note: Each compost weighs 5 to 6 kilos, which gives about 2 to 2.5 kilos of mushrooms

The method of preparing button mushroom compost

Composting is done in two phases, phase I is known as the fermentation phase and phase II is known as the pasteurization phase.

Phase I:
There are different formulas for preparing compost , which are determined according to the materials available in each environment, but the following formula can be used in any range with slight changes:

1) Wheat stubble 6000 kg (main environment)

2) 3500 kg of chicken manure (supplements)

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Composting place :


As the most polluted part of the production unit, the composting site is always a place of hidden dangers. For this reason, the distance between the composting site and breeding halls should be large. So that the sources sometimes state this distance as at least one kilometer.

  1. Compostingsilos can be open air or covered. Compost silos are exposed to wind and rain and are more affected by drying and wetting fluctuations than indoor compost silos. Since in the case of open compost silage , it is necessary to reach the temperature of the compost mass to 65 degrees Celsius, its openness may cause problems if the amount of compost is low, especially in winter.


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