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In the process of mushroom production, soiling is usually done after 10 to 14 days of placing the compost in the hall. Cover soil indeed

It is a special structure of soil that is moist and pasteurized and lacks nutrients, and it stimulates fruiting and mushroom production in successive folds.


 Gradually, with the growth of mushroom seeds in the compost, the pleasant smell of mushrooms fills the room.
Usually, after 14 to 16 days, the mycelium of the fungus has completely penetrated the compost and the fungus can be seen as a spot on the surface of the substrate, which is gradually connected and a uniform white coating is formed on the surface of the substrate. 



At this time, the surface of the bed should be covered with suitable cover soil

.Covering soil is one of the basic steps in the production and cultivation of button mushrooms


.Covering soil is used to stop button mushroom vegetative growth and to force the mycelium to produce fruiting bodies

 Since about 90% of mushroom weight is water, this water supply is done through irrigation on the soil.

The two factors PH  and EC  in the soil are very important, Ariana soil is equipped with a compost and soil analysis laboratory , and all raw soils are imported.

Before pasteurization, it is measured by pH meter and EC meter.


In addition to measuring EC and PH and providing the soil pasteurization chart to our valued customers, Ariana unit analyzes each soil tunnel in terms of three diseases: green mold, vertilcium, and mycogon.

And this gives assurance to the applicants that Ariana soil is free of these types of diseases and now you can get the soil with supplements from Ariana soil .


Advantages of cover soil:

If the cover soil is not used, the fruiting organ will not be formed and the substrate will dry out.
Covering soil provides the necessary moisture for the formation and growth of button mushrooms.
Covering soil prevents the evaporation of substrate moisture.
Covering soil is a suitable support for establishing button mushroom fruiting bodies.

Features of cover soil:

1- Water holding capacity: The amount of water that the cover soil keeps in itself and does not return to the compost is called water holding capacity. It is usually said that light soils have a low water holding capacity, while heavy soils are the opposite. Of course, the measurement of the water holding capacity is done in the relevant laboratory. But by pouring water on the soil and squeezing it in your hand, you can understand the water holding capacity of the soil to some extent.
2-Structure: The structure of the soil should be porous and open and remain stable in successive irrigations.
3-Microflora: The microscopic organisms of the soil are called microflora or natural flora of the soil. These organisms live in the soil, the most important of which is the bacteria of the Pseudomonas family. .
If, for any reason, a disinfectant such as formalin is added to the soil, it destroys the microflora.
4- Nutritional value: it is better for mushrooms to get their nutrients from compost and the soil should not contain organic matter.

Characteristics of quality cover soil:

It has a high water holding capacity to absorb the water needed for the substrate during irrigation and prevent its rapid penetration into the lower layers.
be neutral in terms of pH
It should be free of any fungal contamination, bacteria, insect eggs and larvae, and completely undecayed organic matter.
The texture of the cover soil should not be too heavy or too light.
The best soil for growing button mushrooms is peat soil.
In the past, button mushroom cover soil was imported from European countries such as the Netherlands, which unfortunately was banned due to the embargo and the significant increase in the dollar. The harvesting of peat soil in Iran is also prohibited due to the damage to the forest, and the production of quality soil has become difficult. Of course, Ariana's soil unit has made a suitable formulation for button mushroom cover soil by carefully examining Iran's soil resources, which both satisfies the customer's soil quality and guarantees no pollution until the end of flash two.


A new texture of mushroom soil


Since Iran's soil mines are running out, and on the other hand, harvesting is not allowed. The Ariana soil unit offers a new texture of soil that has a high moisture holding capacity and at the same time does not soil the mushroom and looks very clean in the mushroom packaging.


Author: Umm Hani Ramezani

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